The Atlas of major North-West European freight infrastructures

June 2013

The european programe Weastflows

AURH is involved in Weastflows, a European project led in the frame of the program INTERREG IVB for North-West Europe area, with 21 other partners.

The aim of this project is both :

  • improve logistic operations and freight transport in North-West Europe
  • decongest the traditional North-South axis.

These objectives could be reached by :

  • encouraging the shift from road to more sustainable modes (railway and inland waterway transport, short sea shipping)
  • promoting the development of freight flows on a new west-east axis.

Thanks to Weastflows, AURH saw the opportunity to include in a new dynamic the Seine estuary area and the Seine Valley at the heart of the European freight transport system.

The project recognized as "strategic initiative" by the European Commission, is divided into 12 actions. AURH is in charged of the first one, entitled "Assessment of capacity for sustainable transport". This action mainly mobilizes the geographical and geomatic expertise of the AURH.

The Atlas of major North-West European freight infrastructures achieved by AURH is the first deliverable of the project

The Atlas is based on the implementation of a Geographic Information System (GIS) built by the AURH team and covering the seven countries of North West Europe involved in Weastflows. Composed of 47 maps, the Atlas presents the organization of freight infrastructure in North-West Europe, all types of infrastructures and all modes included (road, rail, inland waterways, sea and air). Never before such work had been done on this scale.

Download the atlas (35Mo)

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