Seine Gateway® 1.0 - Artist's rendition and preview of the Seine Gateway® and key elements of its roll-out


The Town Planning Agency of Le Havre and Seine Estuary area (AURH) is an expert on territorial development combining observation, planning and prospective approach to help on territory's development. AURH is participating actively in the town planning and economic project of the Seine Valley from Paris to the Port of Le Havre. The aim of this project is to give to Paris an opening to the sea so as to remain a global city.

In that context, the AURH proposed and coordinated a thinking on the foreshadowing of the Seine Gateway®, a schema that is similar to the Extended Gateway in Belgium or the Thames Gateway in Great Britain.
This concept is now a trademark supported by AURH and we are trying to build it step by step.

The Seine Gateway® report is composed in 2 parts:

  • the gateway dynamics and some good practices with several examples of gateways all around the world,
  • the application of this gateway system to the Seine Valley, with the description of its major components and the main elements of its implementation.

The Seine Gateway® project is a part of the western European system. It will strengthen the maritime access to Paris, while promoting synergies with all territories of the Seine Valley and the regions that are connected whether French, European or located on other continent.


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