Forward-looking Atlas

April 2015

The Forward-Looking Atlas focuses on identifying and analysing bottlenecks and missing or underused infrastructures, to determine alternative routes to the main transport corridors defined by the European Commission. Our goal is to favour modes with low environmental impacts, to avoid congestion, to use infrastructures that are currently underused and to identify preferential East-West directions.

This report includes three parts:

  • the first one is a synthetic analysis of the stakes involved in freight transport in NWE;
  • the second targets bottlenecks, missing or underused infrastructures;
  • the last part proposes and analyses routes which complement those proposed by the European Commission (TEN-T corridors).

This partnership-based undertaking is the third stage in work done by AURH for Weastflows and continues and concludes the two atlases previously published:


Download the document: Forward-looking Atlas - Freight transport in North-Western Europe: bottlenecks, missing links, underused infrastructures and alternative routes